About Us

CrossMedia Language Inc. is a new publishing house established in 2014 in Tokyo by Sachiko Onoda. She has been an editor for more than 20 years and edited more than 160 titles, specializing in language learning books. She loves learning languages herself and communicating with people from overseas.

Our main publications are:

– language learning books for Japanese speakers

– textbooks for language examinations (especially TOEIC Tests)

What is CrossMedia Language?

CrossMedia + Language

With various ways of learning languages crossing different media, we go far beyond just the study of languages. We communicate globally, share ideas and experiences, and develop cross-cultural relationships both socially and professionally. CrossMedia Language Inc. publishes language learning materials to support our readers across the world in the pursuit of their hopes, goals, and dreams.

For language professionals

We are interested in people and content in the following areas:

– Proofreaders of English or other languages’ texts (Japanese knowledge preferred)

– Professional narrators of English or other languages

– Manuscripts for language learners written in Japanese and English or other languages
*We have no plans to publish English-only or other language-only books at present.

If you are interested in our company, please contact us via the enquiry form.


For information on the rights of our books, please contact us via the enquiry form.

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Further information

For more information, please refer to other pages on this website (in Japanese) or contact us via the enquiry form.

Contact information

CrossMedia Language Inc.
Toei Jingu Gaien Bldg. 4-20-3,
Sendagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051
info [at] cm-language.co.jp